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Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2015

Once again the “Kalymnos Climbing Festival”, a unique gathering of climbers, will take place on the beautiful island of Kalymnos, one of the world’s “hottest” climbing holiday destinations, from October the 10th, to October 11, 2015. Climbers from all over the world, athletes, as well as sport-climbing legends will attend this year’s event.
The program includes apart from endless climbing, presentations, interviews, deep water soloing, and also live musical events. The climbing legend Maurizio Zanolla (Manolo) and the three times world champion Angelika Rainer will be there.
With sunshine in abundance, breathtaking routes on limestone rocks, amazing sea views and the presence of climbers from all over the world, the festival will create the same unique ambience for which the “Kalymnos Climbing Festival” is known worldwide.

Press on the links below to see the Festival's program.

Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2015 Program (English - PDF)

Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2015 Program (Greek - PDF)

The Festival is organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos.
Sponsors: Elena Hotels, “Climbing” magazine

Support: South Aegean Region

Dates: 10/10/2015-11/10/2015.
Area: The Dodecanese islands – SE Aegean Sea.
Place: Kalymnos.

For more news, please visit the official page of Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2015 on Facebook.

Municipality of Kalymnos Elena Hotels in Kalymnos Climbing.com Magazine


Each registered participant will receive the fest’s T-Shirt, program and also free coupons for the welcome drink & dinner. 


*** Update: Now that Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2015 is over, learn more details about the upcoming Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016, by clicking below.

Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2016


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The Kalymnos Trail

The Kalymnos Trail, a multi-day trekking route around Kalymnos, was established in 2015. As it winds its way around the island, it follows most of the existing 'classic' paths but also rediscovers many exciting old shepherds' trails. The route visits all parts of the island and can be done as a continuous hike or as a series of 10 full-day or half-day sections. The Trail visits mountain tops and monasteries, cliffs and castles, beaches and Byzantine ruins. The scenery encountered displays an unforgettable combination of sea, sun and rugged limestone peaks.


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Kalymnos Rescue Team

Short History

Kalymnos Rescue Team was formed in 2013, by people who live on the island in order to cover, voluntarily, as better as they can, every climbing accident that can occur on the island.
The team’s main purpose is to aid in any accident concerning climbing or other activities that take place on land and in rough areas that medical care cannot reach easily, as in trekking paths around the island.
The team consists of 23 people, climbers and non climbers, Kalymnian and foreigners who live on the island for a long time now. The team has trained members to operate on the ground, as well as above it, in any height a climbing accident can occur. The first training was performed by an instructor of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing and a second one was from Lyon Equipment, UK, both in rope rescue techniques.
Kalymnos rescue team was formed by the initiative of local businesses, Alternet tourist services and Wildsports climbing shop, and supported by the Petzl foundation and the Municipality of Kalymnos. Now, the team’s basic funds come from peoples’ support and donation. Our top priority is to keep training, in rescue techniques and first aid, and to have all the necessary material for rescue.


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