The Kalymnos Trail

The Kalymnos Trail, a multi-day trekking route around Kalymnos, was established in 2015. As it winds its way around the island, it follows most of the existing 'classic' paths but also rediscovers many exciting old shepherds' trails. The route visits all parts of the island and can be done as a continuous hike or as a series of 10 full-day or half-day sections. The Trail visits mountain tops and monasteries, cliffs and castles, beaches and Byzantine ruins. The scenery encountered displays an unforgettable combination of sea, sun and rugged limestone peaks.


Although only 100 km in length, The Trail passes through complex mountain terrain and to do it in its entirety requires experience in 'rock-scrambling'. Therefore the full trail should only be undertaken by those with expertise in this sort of activity. Some sections however are easier and can be following by hikers.

The Kalymnos Trail is shown on the latest (2105 edition )1:25 000 map of the island by Terrain Maps. A book is also available which describes each section of The Trail in detail: this advises which sections might be suitable for those with less experience. Other shorter traditional walks are also described in an appendix within the book.

This book can be bought in the island’s shops (in Masouri and in Pothia). It can also be obtained from the publisher, Terrain Maps of Athens ( or from the author (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Price: 12 euros plus packaging and postage.


Kalymnos Trail, picture 1

Kalymnos Trail - picture 2

Kalymnos Trail - picture 3

Kalymnos Trail - picture 4

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