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On March 2015, Kalymnos created “Systas”, the first tourism institution, represented by all the business sectors and clubs of tourism, involved in the development of a natural environment, culture and outdoor activities.

The purpose of Systas is the creation of a tourism strategy, the development through innovative marketing and the collective action to deal with the needs of climbing, on a regular basis.

Systas begun its journey dynamically as the adoption of the Alternet marketing plan, ensures stable source of funding to serve its purpose, which is primarily the maintenance of climbing areas, strengthening of the work of the Rescue Team, etc.



Contracted members:
• ANEK - Municipal Ferries
• Alternet - Tourism Marketing Company
• Hoteliers Association
• Association of Rented accommodation
• Restaurateurs Association
• Trade Association
• Kalymnos Rescue Team
• Kalymnos Environmental Association "YDNA"
• The Municipality of Kalymnos counsels and morally supports the initiative.

On March 2015, by a joint decision of all the members of the institution, it was decided to establish the Climbing ID Card for guests climbers, which is offered at a price of 20 euro, while the local businesses involved in the program will refund the amount paid by redeeming their special vouchers (coupons) to be supplied with the purchase of the card, as an act of reward towards all the benefits that the locals gain from the existence of climbing in Kalymnos.

How does the system work:
The Visitor (climber) arrives already informed and sensitive to the local action in Kalymnos and directly obtains his Climbing ID Card by paying the amount of 20€ at specific places/points. Along with the card, he receives a packet of vouchers (coupons), worth of over 30€ and the list of the businesses, associated to the program where he can begin to directly redeem his vouchers.

"The net profit from the sales of the Climbing ID Card will be invested in accordance to the annual action plan of the institution for the needs of climbing."

How do the members of the association, contribute to the implementation of this self-funding program

Systas Members Contribution


Systas Flyer (PDF)
Systas Poster (PDF)


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