Other activities

Windsurfing: experience the local winds by surfing around the island on your own or on a hired board. Escape to the nearby islets and feel the Kalymnian wind taking you to a more care free world.

Sailing: set sail from the island by chartering the yacht of your dreams, bareboat or with a skipper, and discover the Greek archipelagos. Kalymnos harbor is the ideal base from which to set sail for your sailing holiday.

Fishing: try out the local fishing methods by embarking on a small wooden fishing boat – kaiki – or by joining an organized fishing trip. Kalymnos has one of the biggest fleets in the country.


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Municipality Tourist Office

Municipality of Kalymnos

Pothia, Kalymnos PC 85200

Dodecanese, Greece

email: mto@kalymnos.gr

phone: +30 22430 29299

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